Why should I play with my dog?

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There are a large number of reasons that you should play with your dog. First and foremost, if you have a dog, it most likely means that you wanted a companion. To build companionship with your dog, you’ll need to spend ample time with him. This doesn’t just mean feeding him and letting him outside to go to the bathroom, it should also mean that you enjoy playing with your dog.

Playing with your dog will strengthen the bond between you. Dog owners who play with their dogs regularly will most likely notice an increase in obedience and better overall behavior from their dog, because they dog has come to see them as a compassionate and fun companion. Playing with your dog also allows your dog to get some exercise. Games like fetch are great for bond building and also dog exercise.

You’ll also want to play with your dog to keep him mentally stimulated. A bored dog often times because a bad dog because he has nothing else to do to occupy his time. Challenge your dog with new games and learning new tricks and commands to keep his mind and body active and alert.

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