Why should I not pour bacon grease on top of my cat’s bowl of kibble?

Everyone loves bacon, and your cat is no exception. When you cook bacon, there is often a fair amount of grease left in the frying pan that your cat might simply flip over to access. However, there are many good reasons why you should avoid allowing your cat to indulge in bacon grease from your breakfast.

Perhaps the most important reason is that your cat cannot effectively process the fats from the bacon grease. A feline’s metabolism is simply not designed to process this type of fat and grease. By ingesting bacon, your cat could wind up with an upset stomach that could result in vomiting and diarrhea.

Another reason that your cat doesn’t need to ingest the bacon grease added to his bowl of kibble is that cats don’t need the extra calories. Cats, especially indoor ones, are very prone to obesity. They have a tendency to eat until they are fit to burst, and will likely eat just about anything that their owners offer to them, including bacon grease.

It may seem like one occasional treat of bacon grease on his kibble won’t be a big deal, but consider just how many times you have offered your cat a treat like bacon grease, and the calories begin to add up. Even weekly treats of bacon grease and other scraps from your meals can quickly add up to extra weight on your cat, and potential health issues in his future.

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