Why should I groom my dog?

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There are many reasons to groom your dog. Some are for the overall comfort and health of your dog, and others are simply for aesthetic reasons. Most people like to have a dog who is clean with a coat free of tangles, which usually requires some level of grooming. Grooming can mean brushing a dog’s coat regularly, or something more complex like washing, brushing, and trimming a dog’s coat.

Generally speaking, if a dog has a long coat, he or she will need to be groomed fairly regularly to keep the coat looking good and healthy. A long-haired dog is more at risk of getting tangles and matted fur than a dog with short hair. Some pet owners will brush their long-haired dog once a day or a few times a week to keep the dog’s coat looking nice. Short-haired dogs should also be brushed regularly, but their coats will most likely not get as tangled or matted as a long-haired dog.

It’s also important that your dog be comfortable, and grooming has a lot to do with this. Washing your dog regularly will keep him from getting skin irritations and also clear away any dry skin or dirt that can accumulate in the coat. Dogs with long hair will also often have hair grow over their eyes, ears and paws that will need to be trimmed away.

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