Why should I consider attaching a blinking safety light to my dog’s collar or leash during our nightly walks?

Well, you want to do this for both the safety of your dog—and you! Especially during the winter months, the days are shorter and darker will have to walk our dogs in the darkness for the next few months, and reduced light makes it more challenging for drivers to see animals (and people) in driveways, sidewalks, and roads. Wear bright, easy-to-see clothing and be sure to use tags and microchips–everything possible to ensure their safe return if they do get lost.
Here are some other safety tips for walking your dog—at any time of the year:

• Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. If you’re taking your car, tell her where you’re leaving your car. Try to establish a habit where you call to check up on each other.
• Keep a charged up cell phone in your hand at all times.Even if you’re with someone, it’s still smart for one of you to hold onto a phone. Set your speed dial to hit police or 911 with one number.
• Stay alert. Remember that you are out in the open in a public place. If you look alert and focused you will appear to be less of a target.
• Avoid being too alone. Don’t walk on deserted stretches of road or beach or pathway. It’s best to walk or jog with a partner or your dog for safety sake. There truly is safety in numbers. If you go out to exercise alone, do so in places where others will be around and stick close to them. A lone sheep is easy prey.
• Use common sense. Avoid those places that are unsafe. Don’t dress to attract unwanted attention. Don’t carry anything you wouldn’t want someone else to get their hands on. If you take care of the safety precautions you can have just as much fun and be safe at the same time.

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