Why should a scratching post be sturdy and not wobbly?

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Scratching posts are a great source of exercise and entertainment for a cat, in addition to providing her a place to stretch and scratch her nails. Larger scratching posts and cat trees provide enrichment for indoor cats by giving them a place to climb, play and hide throughout the day.

Scratching posts come in a variety of styles and materials. Different cats like different types of surfaces to scratch. Some cats prefer to scratch upright objects, while others like horizontal surfaces. They may like the roughness of your upholstery, the plush carpet, or the soft wood of your doorframe. Take all of these factors into consideration when choosing a scratching post for your pet.

Aside from the type of material from which the scratching post or climbing tree is made, you should consider how well it is constructed. This is especially important if the post is tall or large enough to climb and play on. If it should come loose or fall apart while your cat is scratching it or playing on it, it could frighten your cat out of using the post again. Even worse, she could be injured from a fall or from falling parts.

When shopping for a new post in person, check it for sturdiness: look at how it is assembled and see if there are ways to tighten or adjust the different parts. If you purchase a post online and find that it is not very sturdy when you receive it, you may be able to use additional fasteners to tighten any wobbly attachments or send it back for a replacement post.

With a little care and caution, you can provide your cat or kitten with a safe way to keep her nails healthy, and a great source of enrichment.

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