Why is the feline agility course timed and for how long?

Feline agility competitions are timed because timing and scoring are linked. Cats receive 15 points for each successfully completed obstacle. There are 10 obstacles placed three feet apart and the cats run the course in a counter-clockwise direction. If all obstacles are completed, bonus points are received.

In figuring times, a minute is a full 60 seconds, with the number of seconds based on two places to the right of the decimal. The total allotted time is 4 minutes 30 seconds or a total of 270 seconds.

The actual running time is subtracted from the total allotted time. Decimals of .50 or higher are rounded up to the next whole number. The answer from the subtraction gives the number of bonus points. The points for obstacles cleared are added to the bonus points for timing, and the total score is thus calculated.

As an example, if Cat #1 finished the course in the one minute, but balked at the weave poles (which are regarded as the most difficult).

– 9 obstacles worth 15 points each equals 135
– 270 total seconds minus a running time of 60 seconds is 210
– 135 + 210 = 345

The final score for Cat #1 would be 345 points.

If Cat #2 completed all the obstacles in 30 seconds, her score would be 390 points. The complete sequence on the scoring math is as follows:

– 10 obstacles worth 15 points each equals 150 points
– 270 total seconds minus a running time of 30 seconds is 240
– 150 + 240 = 390

The final score for Cat #2 would be 390 points.

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