Why is my dog sucking on my wool clothing?

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Dogs may suck on wool clothing because it feels like a mother’s nipple. Wool sucking is therefore just a form of misdirected nursing, which gives a dog comfort. It’s much more common for puppies to suck on wool clothing than for adult dogs to do so.

Sucking on a mother’s nipple is something that a puppy learns from day one, and continues to do for weeks after birth. This natural and comforting action not only gives the puppy sustenance, but also establishes a bond between mother and pup. Wool sucking, or sucking on anything really, may result from a puppy being weaned too early or not given enough time with his mother.

If this is the case, a puppy may try to nurse whatever is available. Puppies will try to suck on fingers or clothes in order to fulfill their need to nurse. Moderate wool sucking should not be a huge concern if the dog is not ingesting any of the material; If the behavior continues, however, you should monitor your dog’s actions and seek help from your veterinarian if necessary.

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