Why is my dog pooping on the carpet?

There are a couple different reasons why a dog could be pooping on the carpet. You should first rule out any medical conditions or illnesses that could cause your dog to have to defecate or urinate excessively. Once a medical condition has been ruled out by your veterinarian, than you know that it is either a behavioral issue or an issue of improper care.

An adult dog will need to go outside to relieve himself a minimum of three times per day. Most dogs will need to go to the bathroom more often than this, and puppies certainly need to relieve themselves much more often than three times a day. A dog needs to go to the bathroom upon waking up in the morning, throughout the day, and again before bedtime. If a dog is not allowed outside to relieve himself often enough, he may have an accident in the house simply because he needs to go to the bathroom very badly.

If a dog is able to go outside to relieve himself often and is still pooping on the carpet, than it is clearly a behavioral issue. Dogs who do not have clear boundaries and rules will often assume that they have the run of the house and can do whatever they please. Some dogs will take advantage of that fact and pee and poop in the home just because they can. Do not scold or physically punish him because these actions can cause him to escalate the defecation and can impair your bond. Limit his freedom in the house when you are not able to supervise and praise him when he does poop outside.

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