Why is my dog peeing on my bed?

A dog urinating on the bed is most likely doing so because he wants to mark his territory and establish his place among the pack, which is your dog, you and any other family members or roommates living in the same home. A very territorial and possessive dog could also be telling you that while you sleep in the bed, the dog truly believes that the space is his and is claiming it as such.

First and foremost, you should rule out any medical conditions or illnesses that could be causing your dog to urinate excessively. If your veterinarian does not find a medical condition or illness, than you know that it is a behavioral issue.

The easiest way for you to stop your dog from peeing on your bed is to not allow your dog on your bed. Teach your dog that the bed is not an acceptable place for him to lay, sleep or play. In this way, you are reclaiming your bed as your own, and making it a dog-free zone. Dogs need boundaries and rules to abide by, or they will feel like they can have the run of the house and do as they please.

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