Why is it Vital to be Calm and Patient Before Administering Liquid Medications?

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Administering medications can be a very stressful time for both pets and their owners. Medications can smell and taste badly, pets may become stressed during restraint, and owners may be nervous to administer medications. All of this can compound at once and create a situation where animals lash out and threaten their owners.

Pets can sense how people are feeling and often react accordingly. If a dog senses you may be stressed or fearful, he will adopt the same emotion. During administration of medications, it is important to maintain a calm and patient attitude when restraining your pet before you administer any medications. By staying calm and patient, you can create a positive experience for both you and your pet. This positive experience will make future medicating easier as the pet has learned to trust you with this new situation.

Positive experiences re-enforce trust, while situations that cause fear and anxiety re-enforce distrust and anxiety. Speaking loudly and using excessive restraint only serve to reinforce the animal’s experience that receiving medications is stressful and painful.

When administering liquid medications this can cause liquid to be aspirated into the trachea. Most volumes of liquid medications, if aspirated, are not enough to cause aspiration pneumonia, but it is enough to create a larger problem during the next administration time.

By taking your time, working with the pet, and avoiding excessive force, an unfortunate event can be made into a more tolerable experience that is more positive. The administering of medications can be an unavoidable task, but with calm and patience it can be better for both pet and owner.

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