Why is it safer to towel dry a dog rather than using a hairdryer?

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When choosing a method to dry your dog after a bath, you should consider your dog’s safety and comfort. The two common options for drying a dog include towel drying and using a hairdryer. Towel drying is normally the preferred method because it is easier and safer than using a hairdryer.

Used incorrectly, a hairdryer can cause a dog’s skin to become dry and itchy, and also even cause burns if the heat setting is too high. Many dogs also don’t like the feel or sound of a hairdryer and may be scared of the small appliance.

To dry your dog after a bath with a towel, simply rub the towel all over your dog’s coat to wipe away excess moisture. Dogs will then finish air-drying after being rubbed with a towel.

To use a hairdryer to dry your dog after a bath, put the hairdryer on the lowest heat setting, or the cool setting, and aim at your dog’s coat keeping the hairdryer at least 6 inches away from your dog. Hairdryers work best if used when a dog is a puppy through adulthood so that the dog is used to the hairdryer and not afraid when it’s being used.

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