Why is it more effective to use large plastic drain boards than placemats for sloppy eaters?

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If you have a dog that is a messy eater, you know how tough cleaning up after feeding time can be. Dogs who are messy eaters generally spill kibble and water while eating, in addition to drooling and getting food particles on and around their dishes. While there are some things that you can do to cut down on the mess that your dog makes, you may never truly be able to convert your dog into a neat eater.

Instead, you can minimize the damage that is done and clean up. Use a plastic drain board under your dog’s food and water dishes for easier clean up than placemats. Placemats are normally made of fabric and easily soak up water and food without an easy way to wash or wipe them clean. Placemats will also stain, while a plastic drain board can simply and easily be rinsed off.

Plastic drain boards are also more hygienic than placemats because they can be bleached and washed with hot water to kill any bacteria that might be present. Placemats can easily become unsanitary, and will therefore need to be replaced often, depending on how messy your dog is.

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