Why is it important to stay calm and patient when trimming your dog’s nails?

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If you own a dog, chances are that you are already aware that dogs pick up on their owner’s energy and react accordingly. For example, if you are scared and trying to retreat from something, your dog will most likely follow suit. Likewise, if you are extremely happy and excited, your dog will display this similar kind of energy. Because dogs take cues from their owners on how to behave in certain situations, it’s important to stay calm and patient when trimming your dog’s nails so that your dog will be in a similar state.

Dogs whoare not calm during nail trimming will often try to jerk their paw back away from the nail trimmer, run away from you, escape the area that you are in, and possibly even hide to avoid having their nails trimmed. As the dog’s owner, you will only make the situation worse by worrying and panicking, or not being sure of what you are doing. Your dog relies on you for strength and comfort, especially when he might be fearful of something.

Trimming a dog’s nails is extremely important for his overall health and comfort, so the sooner that you can get your dog comfortable with the nail trimmers, the better off you both will be in the long run. Remain patient when first introducing your dog to the nail trimmers, and keep a positive and confident attitude that will translate to your dog.

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