Why is it advisable to trim one paw and then come back later for each of the other three paws when first introducing nail trimming to your dog?

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Most dogs don’t like having their paws touched for an extended period of time, and certainly don’t like having their nails trimmed. However, trimming a dog’s nails is essential to his overall health and comfort, so it’s a necessary evil.

When you are first introducing nail trimming to your dog, it’s a good idea to go slow and have patience with the process so that your dog has time to understand what’s happening and relax while you are trimming the nails.

You can introduce your dog to nail trimming by first only trimming the nails on one of his front paws. This way, your dog can see exactly what you are doing, understand that he will be in slight discomfort for a few minutes, and then be released without you causing him pain. After you’ve cut a few nails, give your dog treats and plenty of praise to show him that he is doing something that pleases you and that you would like him to repeat.

Later in the same day, or the next day, cut the nails on another paw. Quickly and effectively trim the nails on a paw, and then move one to another paw if your dog seems comfortable with you trimming the nails. If he does not yet seem comfortable, release him and give him plenty of treats and praise. Return to the other paws later.

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