Why is it advisable to trim one paw and then come back later for each of the other three paws when first introducing nail trimming to your cat?

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The easiest way to introduce your cat to nail trims is to start when you first bring your kitten home. Handle her paws regularly and gently and let her become used to being held and carefully restrained. Handle her toes individually, retracting her claws by gently squeezing the top of her toe and the toe pad.

While some cats will quickly become cooperative and sit still for their nail trim, many cats will need to be held firmly but gently as you trim their nails. It may be much easier to have one person hold the cat while the other person does the actual trimming.

The important thing to remember is that it is not necessary to trim all of your pet’s nails in one sitting. In fact, it is better to take your time, even if means only getting one paw done a day. Above all, you don’t want the nail trimming session to turn into a wrestling match. This is no fun for your or your cat, and can damage the relationship you are working hard to build.

It’s better to stop before your cat gets irritated so as to keep the entire process a pleasant experience. This also helps you control when the nail trim starts, and will keep your cat from getting frustrated to the point of lashing out.

Watch your cat for signs of irritation, such as her tail going from a slight twitch to faster and more agitated lashing back and forth. Her ears may go back, and she may give you a few warning swats or bites. Try to stop this behavior before it escalates, because then it becomes a matter of you stopping because your cat says so, not because you decided to the session was finished.

With a little bit of time, patience and dedication, you and your kitty can build up to a stress- and drama-free nail trimming session.

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