Why is it a safe move to teach my dog to come when I whistle?

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Teaching your dog to come when you whistle is a safe move, because you have more common sense about a given situation than your dog, and will be able to guide him away from any dangerous or unfit situation. A dog who comes when called is also more likely to be loyal and obedient to an owner when off of a leash, which will allow the dog more freedom. It is recommended that teaching your dog to come be one of the first commands in training.

In order to teach your dog how to come when you whistle, start by whistling while also holding a food reward that will get him to come near you. Once your dog comes to get the treat, whistle again to reinforce that the whistle is associated with the treat. Repeat this exercise as many times as necessary to ensure that your dog always comes when he hears the whistle, and is rewarded for doing so.

Many dog owners choose a whistle over saying the word “come” to get their dog to come to them because a whistle carries farther than a voice in most cases. A whistle is also normally higher-pitched than a human voice, and therefore, a better form of alerting a dog than a lower pitched voice. Whistles are also void of emotion, so your dog will respond to the whistle the same way every time.

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