Why Dogs Fart

Farts. They stink, they sound funny, and they’re just a part of life. Everyone does it–including your dog. But some may wonder, “Why?” Why does your dog fart? The reasons may be easier to understand than you think.


Just like in humans, some diets may lead to more flatulence than others. For example, foods high in carbohydrates can cause more farting than others. So, to avoid a gassy dog, stick to a high-quality, grain-free or raw diet. The ingredients in these foods are easier to digest, and thus, produce less gas in your dog’s tummy. And if you feed table scraps or treats, be mindful about what’s in them!

dog table scrapsA tip: if you’re switching foods on your dog, do it gradually: this too, can cause stomach upset and produce excess gas.


Ever notice how some breeds are just more farty than others? Brachycephalic or flat-faced dogs–think Pugs, Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers–actually intake more air when eating and drinking than their long-snouted cousins. More air means it must escape somehow…and that can definitely mean more farting.

pomeranian butt sniff

One way to keep them from inhaling too much is to slow down how fast they eat. Food bowls with ridges or simply putting a tennis ball in their food dish will make it harder for them to wolf down food and will help them take in less air. Feeding smaller meals more frequently (twice a day as opposed to once a day) can also reduce the amount of air they take in.

Because they want to!

Every living thing takes air into their intestines, and has to expel it somehow. Dogs fart sometimes just because they want to, or because it feels good. It’s either they burp, fart, or leave it in–and leaving it in can results in an upset tummy!

embarrassed dog
So hopefully the next time your dog farts, the “why” won’t come as a surprise. Realize that it’s probably for some of the same reasons we humans do.

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