Why Doesn’t My Dog Seem to Like my Boyfriend?

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There are a few reasons that a dog might not like a significant other. In most cases, a dog and an owner will form a close bond within the first few weeks of ownership. A dog comes to trust a person with the important things in their lives, such as food, water, walks and providing a place to sleep.

When a new person is introduced into the situation, it can be a bit hard for a dog to adjust. A boyfriend can be seen as a stranger or a potential threat. In this case, your dog will most likely be trying to protect you from harm, and may act aggressively or cautiously around your boyfriend. A boyfriend can also be seen as a threat to the bond between you and your dog. In cases like these, your dog will most likely be acting out of jealousy or territorial instinct.

If your dog doesn’t seem to like your boyfriend, you should allow the two to bond in a neutral setting, such as a dog park. Your dog will feel less threatened by the new person being in their house and will be more likely to accept your boyfriend in a place where territorial threats are eliminated. Additionally, be sure to give your dog plenty of attention and exercise, so that excess energy is not projected onto your boyfriend.

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