Why does my dog want to be on my lap all the time?

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It is not a coincidence that some dogs are referred to as “lap dogs”. The definition of a lap dog is a dog small enough to lie comfortably on a person’s lap. These types of dogs were bred in the past by wealthy members of society, and it seems they had no other purpose other than offering companionship and acting as lap warmers. Some breeds were also used as status symbols, offering a fashionable appearance to the aristocrats.

So why does your dog want to be on your lap all the time? The following are some possibilities:

  • Your dog belongs to a lap dog breed

It could very likely be that she belongs to a breed used as a lap dog in the past. Papillion dogs, for instance, appeared often in paintings depicting European royalties, suggesting they were favored as lap dogs by many aristocrats as early as the 13th century. Pekingese, on the other hand, were bred for their small size so they could fit into the sleeves of the robes worn by the Chinese Imperial Household members. Pugs, Shih-Tzu and Japanese Chin are other breeds previously used as lap dogs.

  • Your dog loves the warmth

Many small dogs are also prone to getting cold. This is because they have a higher metabolism which makes them struggle a bit at maintaining their body temperature at optimal levels. A lap may offer just the right amount of warmth for them, especially if they were meant to live in warmer climates.

  • Your dog gets attention

It is in the nature of dogs to repeat behaviors that have been rewarded. If you talk to your dog and pet her when they are on your lap, the dog will seek your lap more often because it feels good.

  • Your dog feels secure

Dogs are den animals by nature and like to sleep in small, comfortable places. Chances are high that your dog likes your lap because it gives her a sense of security and comfort. Closeness, protection and comfort are all pleasant qualities that make lap-seeking a common habit in small dogs.

As evidenced by many canines, cats are not the only lap lovers on earth. Indeed, many dogs are happy to stay as close as possible to their owners. Of course, the warmth and coziness of a lap play major roles in this behavior. It is important to note that when it comes to loving laps, size does not matter. Bigger dogs can also seek their owner’s lap if permitted and are often jokingly referred to as “lap dogs”. Of course, because they cannot fit on an average lap all they can do is place their big heads on the lap and enjoy the warmth and sense of comfort!

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