Why does my dog try to leap on my newspaper as I read it?

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Dogs are curious creatures, eager to explore new things that they see or smell. Dogs are also used to their owners holding toys in order to play with them. So, it’s likely that when you are holding a newspaper to read it, your dog will see the object as something to play with and leap on you to try to get the newspaper.

Dogs are also attracted to things that look different or make different sounds. The rumpling of a newspaper can be a very attractive sound to a dog, who will be eager to make the sound more and try to play with the newspaper to make the crumpling sound more.

A dog might also see you trying to keep the newspaper away from him as a game. Dogs don’t always realize that some things are not games, such as leaping on a newspaper while you are trying to read it. If you pull the newspaper closer to your body, or away from the dog each time he lunges or leaps towards the paper, your dog will most likely see this as a game and continue playing.

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