Why does my dog sometimes vomit after eating grass?

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First, you need to understand the theory as to why dogs eat grass. One of the most common explanations is that dogs eat grass in order to vomit. Here’s where it’s tricky, though: Do dogs eat grass in order to make themselves vomit or do they vomit because they’re eating grass?

While we may never know for sure the answer to that question, here are some things you should know.

• Evolution: Domesticated dogs’ ancestors, the wolf, ate the entire prey, even bones and feathers. That means there can be a lot of undigested material—and that’s what gets thrown up. It might be instinctual.
• Medicinal purposes: Is grass for a dog the same as an antacid for a human? Dogs do seem to eat it when they have an upset stomach because it binds with the offending material causes the dog to vomit.
• Nutrients: Grass is a good source of fiber, vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), niacin and other B vitamins. These aid the metabolic and nervous systems.
A couple of cautions:
• Be mindful of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Look for toxic plants and thorns. Dogs are especially attracted to the honeysuckle because it’s sweet and sticky—but highly toxic.
If you have concerns about any of these, consider growing your own grass. The kits with trays and seeds are available in pet stores or you can find them online.
• While dogs do eat primarily meat, remember that they are omnivores and enjoy eating vegetables as well. A dog on a kibble only diet will naturally crave some greens and may eat grass to compensate. If your dog develops a tendency to eat too much grass, it is not a bad idea to add grass alternatives to the dog’s diet such as broccoli or string beans. (They also make good, healthy, low-calorie snacks.)

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