Why does my dog like to lead on walks?

Dogs who like to lead on walks generally think of themselves as pack leaders who want to determine the direction and pace of a walk. These types of dogs are dominant and curious, eager to see what is ahead. A dog who walks in front of you on walks is not necessarily a bad thing, unless the dog is constantly pulling you or walking at a pace that you are not comfortable with.

A dog who leads on walks could also be a dog that is generally driven by his or her nose. Some breeds, like Beagles and other hunting breed dogs, follow scents and will often walk with their nose to the ground. These dogs generally will pull in order to follow a scent trail, and have little regard for the pace that the owner is trying to set.

In order to make a walk more enjoyable for you, and for your dog, you should work with your dog to have him walk either beside you or just a step or two in front of you. This way, the dog is relaxed and doesn’t need to worry about setting a pace or choose a direction. The dog can simply relax and follow your lead, and you won’t have to worry about being pulled or controlling a dog who is many steps ahead of you.

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