Why does my dog drop kibble in the water bowl?

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Just as children like to play with their food, some dogs enjoy playing with their kibble as well. Many dogs will scatter their kibble on the floor and then eat the food, or similarly, drop pieces of their kibble into the water bowl while eating. Pieces of food dropped into the water bowl generally go uneaten.

A dog could also just be a very messy eater, and if the water bowl is next to the food bowl, a piece or two of food could accidently drop in while the dog is eating. You can generally correct this problem by moving the water bowl farther away from the food bowl.

Many dogs play with their food because they are very excited to eat, or they are mimicking behaviors of their ancestors who were hunters and scavenged for food in the wild. Eating neatly out of a dish tends to go against a dog’s primal instincts, so playing with food and making a mess is a way to make the routine feel more instinctive.

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