Why does my cat not eat her entire meal at one sitting?

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The real question is: Is your cat eating intermittently or is she not eating at all?

If she’s not eating at all, you need to determine why and deal with it right away. It’s not normal for a cat not to eat. You need to take your cat to the veterinary clinic to be given a thorough examination and determine if there are any physical, medical or emotional reason causes.

On the other hand, cats are snackers and that goes back to their roots. When they lived in the wild, they had to hunt small prey, like mice or birds. If that opportunity arose 10 or 20 times a day, that’s how often the cat would eat.

If you have some dry food out all day in one of those gravity feeders that she has to swat around to get the food drop, chances are you’ll see her at that food several times a day. If it’s canned, she might do think like lick the gravy off the top or take a few bites—and then walk away.

Here are some other reasons she may not eat all at once:

Anatomy: The cat’s intestine is a lot shorter than other animals (and humans), so she just may not be able to stuff herself with a full meal. She’ll not only be uncomfortable, but some cats actually vomit.

This is especially true if your cat is pregnant and almost ready to give birth.Her belly may be so swollen that she can’t accommodate a full meal.

It also depends how much you’re feeding her; if she’s getting both wet and dry food, she might be nibbling all day and, therefore, not as hungry when it comes time for her meal.

Fear: Especially if there are other animals around, she may be nervous that one of them will take her food—so she’ll gobble, and then walk away. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: Feed all animals separately.

Distractions: Cats are just curious. Create a calm place for her meal or she’ll need to explore noises, people and other commotions.

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