Why do some dogs watch TV?

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While it may look as though a dog is paying great attention to a TV show, he is most likely just intrigued by the constant moving on the television set and the sound emanating from the set. Dogs don’t have the ability to understand the conversations, plot, characters or any part of a television show. They are simply captivated by the sights and sounds projected by the TV.

Dogs have a great sense of hearing and an excellent sense of sight, so it’s not unusual for a dog’s attention to be caught by a TV. Sometimes the movement and sounds are not what a dog will hear around the house when the TV is off, so the TV provides new sensations that interest the dog. Dogs may be particularly interested in TV shows that have dogs in them, or shows that have a lot of music of singing.

Some dog owners will leave a TV on while they are away from the home to calm a dog down. A TV show that has a lot of talking or gentle music mimics the sounds of a family, so that the dog will not feel like he is alone even though there is no one else in the house. Most family pets are used to a certain amount of noise in the home, and a TV does a good job of mimicking this noise.

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