Why do some dogs tolerate wearing sunglasses, lavish outfits and others don’t?

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Some dogs tolerate wearing sunglasses and lavish outfits because they are more trusting and accepting of their owners and these items than others. Dog breeds with docile and calm personalities are generally more accepting of outfits than dogs who are rowdy and hyper with strong personalities. For example, a toy breed dog is much more likely to wear an outfit than a Corgi or another highly active and energetic dog.

It also has to do with how familiar a dog is with the items of clothing or sunglasses. If a dog is exposed to these things early on in life, he or she will be more likely to continue to allow them to be placed on him or her throughout their lifetime. However, if you try to put sunglasses or an outfit on an older dog, he or she may be resistant because these items are unfamiliar and new.

Then there are some dogs that act like they just don’t care about anything at all. These dogs, like hound dogs or breeds that are known to just want to please their owners, will allow the owners to put anything at all on them without much resistance. These dogs aim to please, and normally do not put up much of a fuss when an owner tries to put on sunglasses or an outfit.

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