Why do some dogs not like having their bellies touched?

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Most dogs love belly rubs, but once in a while you may come across a dog who won’t roll over, and doesn’t like his belly being touched.

The biggest reason for this reaction is probably because, in canine body language, rolling onto the back is a submissive position. In fact, many dogs will play with another dog by letting their opponent “win” the game. In these instances, the first dog will purposely roll over on his back so the other dog can “attack.”

Be mindful of how dog communication functions; when touching your dog, you may not want to start at the belly. Stroke your dog elsewhere and when you feel that the canine knows and trusts you, you can try rubbing the belly and see how the dog responds.

Just like humans, there are places on every dog’s body that are more sensitive than others. A dog’s belly tends to be one of the most sensitive areas. It might tickle too much when you scratch it. If the dog winces when you touch it, it would be wise to have a veterinarian do an exam. If it’s not a medical issue, it may be that your dog just doesn’t like being touched for personal reasons.

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