Why do some dogs flee when the doorbell rings?

Dogs might flee when the doorbell rings for a number of reasons, but it generally has something to do with feeling anxious. A dog could be anxious around new people, anxious about the actual sound of the doorbell, or about your reaction to the doorbell ringing. If a dog has had a bad experience related to the sound of a doorbell, or a stranger entering the home after the sound of the doorbell, the dog could also be traumatized and react in a cautionary way each time he hears the sound.

Fleeing when the doorbell rings is not necessarily something that you should be seriously concerned about, but there are ways to address the issue and make your dog more comfortable with the sound. Start by having someone that your dog is very familiar with, such as a family member, ring the doorbell and enter the door calmly. Make sure that your dog sees the familiar person, and repeat this exercise a number of times.

It’s also important to make sure that when the doorbell rings, your own actions are calm and routine. Chances are, if you are startled by the doorbell and jump out of your seat to run over and answer the door, your dog will pick up on this nervousness and act in accordance. When the doorbell rings, slowly move towards the door with a sense of confidence and calmness; do not add any extra excitement to the activity. Your dog will inevitably mimic your attitude, and begin to feel more comfortable with the doorbell.

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