Why do some dogs chew on plastic?

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Dogs have a tendency to chew on everything, not exclusively plastic. Plastic is easily destructible, so this may be popular material to chew on for many dogs. Also, a variety of objects are made out of plastic and can be found around the home, such as containers and plastic bottles. When dogs are used to seeing these items in their environment, they may become curious. An item such as a plastic bottle can be destroyed by a dog in minutes, giving it a sense of accomplishment and a way to alleviate boredom.

Dogs chew to work their jaw muscles and occupy their time. It’s important that you teach a dog what is and is not an appropriate chew toy. Some dogs will chew anything that they can get their mouths on, such as items of clothing, furniture, plastic, trash and many other things that they find around the house. Other dogs even develop pica, a disorder where they compulsively eat non-edible items.

If you want to avoid having your dog chew on plastic, make sure to give your dog plenty of other toy options. Plastic can be potentially dangerous to a dog’s mouth if the plastic gets sharp edges, and could be fatal if ingested Teach your dog early on that plastic is not an acceptable toy by reprimanding him when he tries to chew on plastic.

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