Why Do Some Dogs Chase Cats in the House?

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Dogs chase cats in the house for two common reasons; the first reason is the desire to play. A playful cat and a playful dog can have a lot of fun running around the house together. The cat is normally more agile and will be able to jump to places that the dog cannot, making it a fun game for both animals. A game of chase between a dog and a cat can alleviate boredom for both animals so long as the play stays friendly, and neither animal becomes aggressive.

Other reasons for dogs to chase cats in the house is due to predatory instincts. Dogs have a primal urge to chase smaller animals. Outside in the wild, they may instinctively run after rabbits or squirrels. Inside, however, a cat can turn into prey if a dog has a strong predatory instinct. This can be a problem for both the dog and the cat.

If one of the animals in the home is an aggressor, there is likely to be a fight between the dog and the cat at some point in time. Initial spats between the animals might not be too serious, but tensions between the two animals can elevate and become deadly for one or both of the animals.

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