Why do some cats like drinking water from a dripping faucet?

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Cats are fascinated with water dripping from faucets. In fact, they might prefer it so much that they’ll ignore their water bowls—which will drive you crazy. You might also not want to encourage her to jump on counters or run into bathtubs.

A good solution is to invest in a pet drinking fountain. Many wonder, though, why cats love dripping water so much. Well, there are several theories, including:

• It comes from their wild instincts to drink from a fresh water source. Some cats like it so much that their owners buy a type of water fountain that features a continuous water source and different types of “flows.” You may want to try this because she might really like that “fresh stream” feeling without you having to turn on the faucet every time.
• She might prefer the flow rate. Some cats prefer a trickle, others a strong flow. You may have one who loves the trickle of a dripping faucet.
• Cats are curious creatures. The motion of water might captivate her.
• Cats like fresh, clean and cold water. That’s why they also drink rainwater. Here’s the problem when it’s in a bowl: the water tends to get stagnant and warm fast. Drop in an ice cube; it will not only cool off the water, but will create that fascinating ripple and splash.
• She might like the sound. Some cats don’t, and are even spooked by it, but you might have one who finds the splashing sound especially enticing!
• It brings out the hunting instinct, again appealing to the “wild” side. Especially if you live in a more rural area, who knows that will be found in the sink or the bathtub?

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