Why do dogs eat plants?

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Dogs eat plants simply as an alternative food source. Dogs are not carnivores exclusively, and in the wild were known to eat plants, berries and other types of vegetation to supplement the meat that they caught and ate. While the modern day, domesticated dog does not need to rely on hunting and gathering its own food, it still exhibits some of the same traits as its ancestors.

Dogs are scavengers by nature, so they’ll likely try to eat anything and everything that looks edible when they are hungry. Grass and plants are two things that are readily available outside, so make an easy and tasty snack for a dog. Some people also believe that dogs eat grass to alleviate a stomachache. However, when too much grass is eaten, or when the grass is not chewed completely, grass and plants can have an adverse reaction and actually cause vomiting.

Whatever the reason for a dog eating grass, most veterinarians agree that eating plants and grass is not harmful to a dog, as long as the plants or grass are not poisonous and consumed in a very small amount. However, its best to control your dog’s consummation of plants or grass, and instead replace their need to munch on vegetation by cooking them some vegetables to add to their daily meals.

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