Why do dogs chew bones?

Dogs love to chew. That instinct is so strong they’ll chew on anything. That means if you don’t provide proper chew toys, they’ll seek out things like your shoes, clothes, furniture and household objects. You’ll want to stop that behavior because, not only do you not want your possessions destroyed, but it can also pose a very serious danger to her.

Why do they do it?
• Nutritional value: Some bones contain high-calorie marrow. By chewing to get at the marrow, dogs also grind the bone to dust and get the much-needed calcium.
• Teething and dental Issues: When puppies are teething, they’ll often chew to relive pain. In addition, it can be a component of dental health, because bones and chew treats also help to remove plague from teeth—but, remember, not all dental chews are the same, so it is a good idea to get one that has the seal of approval from the Veterinary Oral Health Council.
• Separation anxiety. Many dogs, especially while adjusting to their new home, have a fear of abandonment. Walk and out of the house several times, and quickly, to assure your dog that you’ll always be coming back.
• Boredom. She may need some mental stimulation. Give her extra toys or one of those Food Puzzles—toys, such as Kongs, with openings where you “hide” the food; she’ll need to work at it for 20 to 30 minutes to get at the food.
• Excess energy. She may need extra walks or play.
• Pleasure. It just feels good. Some say when dogs chew, endorphins, those natural, happy, feel-good hormones, are released from the brain.
NOTE: Always supervise your dog when she chews, because she won’t know how to safely eat bones by chewing them up into small bit. Some dogs will gulp dangerously large pieces and will even try to swallow some of the pieces whole—like those little round knots at the end of some rawhide bones.
Never give her bones that can break or splinter and never let her grab them from the garbage, because the former can cause tearing, puncturing, choking, or illness from dangerous bacteria.

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