Why do dogs age faster than we do?

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It’s a known fact that dogs do not live as long as humans. Dogs live an average of 10 to 18 years, depending on the breed, lifestyle and health of the dog. A dog’s body ages faster than a human’s, which means that their lifespan will be considerably shorter. While people are considered full grown by their late teens, a dog is considered full-grown when it is only 1 year old.

A year of a dog’s life is equal to around 4 to 7 years of a human’s life. The exact age ratio is depending on the dog’s breed, size and health. Some dog breeds age more quickly than others, and will only live to be around 10 years of age if they have good health. Other dog breeds age a little more slowly and can live to be up to 18 years old.

Dogs age more quickly than humans because they have a higher metabolism, their bodies work harder, and they have different genetic make up than humans. A dog’s heart beats much faster than a human’s, and their bodies just tend to wear out more quickly than a human’s. A dog who gets exercise, eats meals with proper nutrition and lives a happy and healthy lifestyle will live longer than a dog who has none of that.

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