Why are the advantages of sending my dog away to be trained?

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Doggie Boot Camps are programs where a dog is dropped off at a facility and trained by an instructor or several instructors for variable lengths of time. These are of particular interest those who own unruly dogs or for those dog owners who do not have enough time to train their dogs.

Dog boot camp may turn out to be a good option for owners who need professional help in training, but do not have the means or time to do so.

Dog boot camps also offer programs for more complicated training such as:

• Assistance or service dogs (such as guide dogs, mobility assistance, hearing dogs or therapy dogs), which involves visiting people in hospitals and nursing homes.
• Rescues dogs: They help people in difficult situations; search/tracking, locating people who are missing; herding, rounding up sheep, cattle, goats, geese, etc.
• Sled dogs: This is primarily a sporting event, but can still be used to transport people in remote areas.
• Hunting dogs: Find, track and retrieve game
• Guard dogs: Protecting public and private property
• Cadaver Dogs: Helping to discover bodies at the scenes of disasters
• Detections dogs : Sniffing out termites in homes, illegal substances in luggage, bombs, chemicals etc.
• War dogs: Mine detection
• Police dogs: Tracking and immobilize possible criminals.
• “Entertainment” dogs, such as circus animals or other dogs who perform in public

A reputable dog boot camp should be able to offer referrals and several success stories from previous clients. They should offer a guarantee and free follow ups as needed. Also, be sure you are booking training with a legal operation, as it is illegal in some states to train dogs in a home other than the owner. You should ask for:

• A local business license
• A certificate of inspection from the respective state’s Department of Agriculture.

No matter which type of training environment offers training for your dog, the facility should look clean, smell clean and be relatively quiet. The dogs should appear to be healthy, clean and at a good weight.

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