Why are Siamese cats noted for being so chatty?

By nature, the Siamese is so conversational that if he doesn’t get enough talk out of you, he will get up in your face — literally — and put his paw on your lips politely demanding interaction. There is no more “people” oriented breed than the Siamese, which loves to be on your lap, in your bed, under your feet — in fact anywhere you are at any time. The essential Siamese take on life is, “What are WE gonna do now?”

These cats are highly intelligent and incredibly curious. They teach themselves all manner of “tricks,” and no cabinet or closed door in the house is impervious to a determined Siamese. They can be unpredictable, and they will become jealous if your attentions are directed elsewhere. Individuals can take a strong dislike to other cats and even humans in the household and be absolute brats as a result.

Siamese cats make good travelers if they are started young and they will even walk on a leash. In body structure, they are well-muscled and the males can be quite large. The tone of their voice is almost legendary, running the range from contented chirping to an outright grating squall. These are cats who will not be ignored.

In the right household, the attention hungry, talkative Siamese is a wonderful addition to the family and are often talked about with affection long after they’ve passed away. The Siamese is a demon for games and will seek you out to play — sometimes even teaching you their latest entertainment brainstorm.

If you want a quiet window sill cat, the Siamese is not the breed for you. Their reputation for endless chatter is well-deserved, and if you’re not prepared to keep up, this breed will wear you out!

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