Why are retractable leashes dangerous?

Retractable leashes are leashes that contain a handle with a line that extends out from the handle to a certain length. These types of leashes allow for a dog to go out a certain distance from the owner, while giving the owner the power to reel the dog back in when necessary. These leashes are generally only good for well-behaved dogs that do very well on walks and can be trusted when at a distance from the owner.

A retractable leash can be dangerous for a variety of different reasons, however. If a dog is not very well behaved on a walk, or prone to chase after distractions, the line of the leash can easily become entangled. The line could wrap around an object between the owner and the dog, like a tree or a bush, or could even wrap around the dog’s legs. A line wrapped around the dog’s legs could be very painful and potentially cause injury.

Another reason that retractable leashes are dangerous is due to the fact that unexpected dangers can arise, and the owner is essentially responsible for getting the dog out of danger. When a dog has outstretched the line and is a considerable distance away from the owner, it may be impossible to reel the dog in quickly enough to avoid a confrontation with a person, another dog, a car or any other danger. Keeping a dog close with a standard leash eliminates this danger.

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