Who tamed the first dog?

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The origin of dogs as we know them today dates back to around 100,000 years ago, when dogs split from wolves in the evolutionary chain. Domesticated dogs are believed to have been first found in eastern Asia. Fossils and remains of domesticated dogs have been found at burial sites in China, Sweden and the Americas, indicating that these cultures had domesticated dogs worth caring for and burying. There were also domesticated wolves in the Middle East.

Based on findings, dog domestication is thought to have begun around 35,000 years ago. Around 14,000 years ago, it is thought that dogs and man had their first working relationship together as evidenced by the Bonn-Oberkassel burial site in Germany.

The oldest dog breeds that we still have today as pets date back to around 500 years ago. Dog breeds before this time period have since gone extinct. The first dogs to be tamed were essentially wolves, and historians are not entirely sure which culture was the absolute first to tame the first dog.

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