Who is Dr. Stanley Coren and what is his role in canine psychology?

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Dr. Stanley Coren is a psychologist and author who studies the history, intelligence and mental abilities of dogs. Dr. Coren is popular among pet owners because of his extensive research and publications on the bond between humans and their canine companions.  Among his most popular and controversial research is a study on why certain types of people are drawn to certain types of dogs, and which dogs rank highest and lowest in terms of intelligence.

In regards to his work with dogs, Dr. Coren’s best-known book is titled, The Intelligence of Dogs. This book ranks 110 dog breeds according to their intelligence, with the Border Collie ranked as the smartest and the Afghan Hound being ranked as the least intelligent breeds, respectively. Dr. Coren used this information alongside various studies to develop a ranking system as well as a series of tests to measure canine intelligence.

Among the most popular tests for dog intelligence are the tests that measure adaptive intelligence. These measure a dog’s ability to solve problems, understand commands and learn social cues, such as when their owner is in pain or upset. Each of the tests should be treated as a game to make the experience fun and rewarding for both dog and owner.

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