Who are some famous persons in history who are known for loving cats?

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There have been many famous cat lovers throughout history. Although Marie Antoinette was not successful in making good her escape from the upheaval of the French Revolution, her six white Angora cats were safely transferred by ship to Maine.

The classical Russian composer Alexander Borodin taught one of his many cats, Ryborov, to fish through holes drilled in the ice in winter time. All three of the Bronte sisters were cat lovers, with Anne and Charlotte making frequent references to their cats in their journals.

Lord Byron not only kept five cats, he also had dogs, three monkeys, a falcon, an eagle, a crow, five peacocks, an Egyptian crane, and two guinea hens. Famed crime novelist Raymond Chandler talked to Taki, his black Persian, and openly referred to her as his secretary.

Winston Churchill kept a marmalade cat named Jock, who not only slept with the prime minister, but was allowed to wander around the dinner table and attend Cabinet meetings.

Other famous cat lovers included T.S. Eliot, Victor Hugo, Albert Einstein, Samuel Johnson, Robert E. Lee, John Lennon, Charles Lindbergh, Henri Matisse, and even the Prophet Muhammad.

Novelist Ernest Hemingway, famous for the colony of six-toed cats that lived at his home in Key West, said of the felines he loved, “A cat has absolute emotional honesty; human beings for one reason or another may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”

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