Zoo Celebrates The Birth Of Extremely Rare White Tiger Cubs

The Berdyansk zoo in Southern Ukraine recently celebrated many new arrivals as three tiger cubs and one lion cub were born in the park. However, the babies were met with two very different responses.

The zoo’s newest tiger mother, Azira, gave birth to three rare white tiger cubs. Azira immediately took to her new additions and has become a doting mother. In fact, she is so protective of her three cubs that zookeepers are not even allowed to enter her enclosure. However, zoo officials say the cubs are nursing well and are doing great. On the other hand, the lion cub’s welcome was a bit different. Named Lisa, the lion cub was removed from her mother after the adult lion refused to nurse her new baby. Strangely, the mother lion did not show any sign of concern when zookeepers entered her enclosure to remove the cub. Despite being abandoned, Lisa is receiving plenty of love and care from the keepers. They are working around the clock to keep the small animal’s constant appetite at bay. The artificial milk used to feed Lisa does not compare to a mother’s milk and keepers are working to find a way to further supplement the cub. Park officials say Lisa will not be reunited with her as it could result in a dangerous confrontation with the mother lion. However, they have the highest level of optimism for Lisa’s future.

Check out this footage of the zoo’s newest additions from Ukraine Today.

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