Men Stumble Upon An Incredible 14-Foot Great White Shark In Shallow Water

Dale Pearson and his friend, Eric Mack were just minding their own business near his home in Puertecitos, Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez, and then they saw something thrashing around in the shallow water.

When the pair started wading out into the water to try and help the struggling animal, they were in for a massive surprise as they realized what they found was a 14-foot great white shark.

Even though white sharks can indeed be found in shallow waters, like off the coast of numerous Southern California beaches, Pearson and Mack definitely were not expecting to run into such a huge predator that close to shore.

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After closer inspection, the friends discovered that there was something that looked like a wound from a boat propeller near the shark’s dorsal fin, but according to The Marine Conservation Science Institute, injury would likely not affect the animal significantly.

“We agree with [the] person who took this video, in that the injuries from the boat propeller would likely not kill the shark,” the page wrote. “They are exceptionally tough with incredible healing ability.”

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Even wounds that would seem extremely dangerous, like a massive bite from another white shark, heal at an incredible rate without the help of any kind.

White sharks are considered the largest predatory fish in the entire world and can get upwards of 20-feet-long, as big as a 1959 Lincoln; so when Pearson and Mack estimated their find to be around 14-feet, they were definitely next to a giant.

It was likely that the massive predator found its way into the shallow water in search of food, possibly stingrays that are common in the area, which was confirmed by The Marine Conservation Science Institute’s executive director, Michael Domeier.

Even though it may look like the shark was struggling to move, it was not stuck, according to Pearson, and it was no longer in the area the next day so it was definitely able to make its way back out to open water without any issue.

Check out the incredible close-up footage below! Warning: There is some graphic language in the video.

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