Little White Bear Cub Has A Playdate With Her Mama And The Cuteness Is Almost Too Much To Bear ;-)

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In Whistler-Blackcomb Mountain in British Columbia, a black mama bear was spotted having the cutest play sesh with her tiny white cub and it’s all here for you to see! What an adorable pair! Can you imagine stumbling (at a close distance) onto this? Wow. The cuteness would almost be too much to bear. HAHA!

It is likely that the little one is albino (her nose is white as well), which means her mama is going to have to keep a very close eye on her. Her white color can attract unwanted company but they don’t call them “mother bears” for nothing! I think it’s safe to say that this mama will be watching out for her baby… day and night!

Albinism is caused when an animal inherits recessive gene alleles. This can happen in all vertebrates. There can be two types, complete albinism, where there is complete lack of melanin or albinoid which is lack of some, not all, melanin.

In my area of New Jersey, we have a very famous albino deer. People have nicknamed him Albie. He is gorgeous! He’s most likely an albinoid because he does have some melanin on his hooves and antlers. This deer has become so beloved that there are bulletins and posters up to watch out specifically for the white deer.

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