Which species is smarter: dogs or cats?

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Though there is much debate between dog owners and cat owners over which species is the smarter of the two, many new studies show that dogs are, in fact, more intelligent than cats. One of the more common arguments to prove this point is that dogs have bigger brains in relation to their overall body size than cats, which leads to the conclusion that dogs possess a higher level of intelligence.

Other research points to different reasons why dogs might be considered smarter than cats. Studies have been done to measure the results of tests completed by both species assessing problem solving, vocalization and many other activities. The results of these tests were very close, with neither species beating the other out by a landslide; but the canines did come out on top in terms of levels of overall intelligence.

The more socially active a species, the smarter that species is  considered to be.  Because of this fact, species like dogs, dolphins, horses and monkeys are said to have developed larger brains and greater intelligence than the less social felines.  Researchers concluded that socializing builds brain-power, because it is a more mentally challenging endeavor to fit into a group than to be a loner. Despite the research, many cat lovers continue to stand firmly by the opinion that their feline friends are more intelligent than dogs.

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