Which direction should you brush your pet’s coat?

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Brushing your dog regularly will not only keep his coat looking good, it will also keep the coat and the skin healthy. To brush your pet’s coat, first start by brushing backwards against the way the hair naturally lays. Start at the back of your dog and work your way towards his head. Once you have completely brushed your dog against the way the hair lays, then you can brush the hair back into place by brushing the way the hair naturally lays.

This is the method for most dog breeds with any length hair because it brushes not only the topcoat, but also the undercoat. Some dogs, however, have hair that are not able to be brushed backwards, like dog breeds with corded hair. When you get to the dog’s head, be extra gentle and careful not to harm his ears or brush too aggressively.

Most dogs have shorter hair on their face and muzzle, so using a slicker brush is recommended. Gently brush this hair, being careful not to pull too hair or go too quickly.

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