Where is the best location to feed my cat in the house?

As long as the area is calm, peaceful and pleasant, with no fears or distractions and without a lot of noise and traffic, anywhere should be fine. Some people like to set up a special room or spot just for the cat where there are toys and other favorite objects. The area should evoke a positive and pleasant memory for her. Never put the food where she’s experienced punishment or fright.

Remember, cats get spooked easily, so don’t put her dish in an area where equipment or motor sounds can scare her, such as a heating unit or even a refrigerator that kicks on; there have been a lot of reports of owners moving dishes to an area that the cat refused to enter.

You do want to be sure that if you have multiple pets, you always feed them separately. If it’s a dog, keep in mind that they often try to steal cat food—so place your cat’s dish out of the dog’s reach.

If you have cats, no matter how much they seem to love each other, never feed them together. Cats typically develop a pecking order and, especially when it comes to food, competition can arise and fights can occur. That can lead to one of the cats dominating the food and becoming overweight, while the other won’t get her fair share and could become too thin.

When cats aren’t separated at feeding time, gobbling also can become a problem. One cat will possibly nudge and bully, while the other, bullied cat will become so fearful of having her food stolen that she’ll gobble—and this causes all kinds of health problems, ranging from vomiting (because of swallowing too much air) to choking.

Sometimes cats seem so inseparable that the owner will think it’s fine to feed them from the same dish, but that’s not a good idea either, because the cats may have different eating habits and tastes. For example, one cat may prefer wet food and smaller meals while the other will only eat dried kibble. One may have better “manners” than the other; cats can be finicky, so it’s possible for one cat to be affected and “turned off” by a sloppy eater.

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