Where can I find training videos of agility?

Videos of agility can help you learn more about what canine agility is, show you ways to set up your own dog agility course, and let you view professional canine agility competitions. These videos can either be put out by organizations within the canine agility field, or made by dog owners or fans. There are many videos of agility available on the Internet that can be found by searching for the type of agility video you want to see. Many companies also produce and sell agility videos and DVDs.

You can find videos of agility by doing a simple search on the Internet for “dog agility videos.” The results will show a variety of different videos from around the world. These video vary in length and quality. Some videos will be from recognizable organizations and competitions like the Purina Incredible Dog Agility Challenge, and others will be from dog owners or fans that have uploaded videos of their own dogs competing in agility challenges or competitions.

If you want more formal training videos, you can search for videos and DVDs available for purchase. Many companies make videos and DVDs that are for instructional purposes. These videos will walk you through how to set up an agility course, train your dog in agility for competitions, and give you examples of other dogs successfully completely agility training and competitions.

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