Where can I find shows that feature feline agility competition?

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The Cat Fanciers Association maintains an excellent web page (www.cfa.org) for Feline Agility Competition. In the menu choose “For Spectators” and follow the menu item for “Show Schedule.”

The current season’s shows will be displayed, along with scheduled events for the coming year as they appear. A link at the bottom of the page will take visitors to a complete list of all CFA cat shows, including those that do not include an agility component.

Another method to find events in your area is to join your local cat club. In this way, you can meet people who are actively competing in feline agility events, which is an excellent resource if you are interested in getting involved with your own cat.

Feline agility events have grown in popularity in recent years due to their highly entertaining nature. Not only are cats incredible athletes when called upon to display their acrobatic abilities, but they are also independent minded and clever.

The result of a cat’s natural belief that he is completely in charge often makes his handler, also known as the “hapless human” the butt of whatever joke gets played out in the agility ring. This situation is not only to the delight of the audience, but we strongly suspect to the delight of the cat as well.

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