Where can I find a senior dog to adopt?

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Senior dogs can be found in shelters, rescues, and even through breeders. An older dog is often a good choice for an individual or family; seniors are calmer than young dogs, and just as loving.

Many shelters have online databases listing pets available for adoption, categorized by size, gender and age. All shelters have visiting hours during which you can meet the pets needing homes. Their ages are usually posted outside their kennels; you can also ask the shelter staff for help in locating an older dog. The older dog at a shelter is, the more in need he is of adoption than the puppies and younger dogs who are typically adopted first. Senior dogs may not be adopted at all, so if you’d like to “save” a dog, older ones are generally a good choice.

There are rescue groups whose primary focus is senior dogs, both as a service to the dogs and to the people who have aged out of being to take care of them. Ideally, a family will step up in this circumstance, but rescue is commonly needed. Petfinder and other similar sites have comprehensive databases of dogs in need of rescue, and it’s possible to search by age.

Once they feel a dog has been bred or shown enough, breeders will sometimes attempt to place him in a private home where he can get more attention. You can contact a breeder and inquire about “retired” dogs if this is something in which you are interested.

Craigslist and many other classifieds have countless listings for dogs needing new homes. Be on the lookout for senior dogs; they’re often more in need of rescue, as fewer people are interested in senior dog adoptions.

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