Where are whiskers located on a dog’s face and legs?

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Dogs’ whiskers allow them to pick up important information about their surroundings. The majority of whiskers, or vibrissae, are located on a dog’s face around the eyes, along the muzzle and under the jaw line. These whiskers are generally about twice as thick as the rest of a dog’s coat, and are course and wiry, yet still flexible.

The role of the whiskers is to pick up and sense changes in airflow; this provides information to a dog about movement, pressure and location of objects, people or other animals. Each whisker has within its follicle a group of nerve endings, which are connected directly to the dog’s brain. Because of this, the whiskers are extremely sensitive to touch; many dog owners have seen just how sensitive the whiskers are when they blow in their dog’s face.

A dog’s facial whiskers are also meant as protection for the dog, acting as a barrier for the muzzle and eyes. If the tip of a dog’s whisker comes in contact with an object, person, or other animal, the dog will be much more alert and ready to react than if the whiskers were not present. When the tips of the whiskers are touched, dogs will often back away to protect themselves from whatever has come in contact with their whiskers.

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